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Caritas Romania launched the first website addressed to active seniors

Supporting the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012, Caritas Romania launched at the end of April 2012 the website www.mereutanar.comwhere all those interested can find resources, advice and communications on events addressed to seniors, as well as a platform for nomination and voting for the most active seniors in Romania. Throughout this year, the 10 Caritas organizations in the country will develop activities for and with seniors, aiming to keep them healthy, as well as socially, culturally and professionally active


Active Ageing of Migrant Elders across Europe

The AAMEE project focuses on the promotion of active ageing and social, cultural and economic integration of migrant and minority ethnic elders, emphasizing volunteer activities and the emergence of new culturally sensitive products and services in the fields of, for instance, housing, care, education, leisure, culture and marketing. This will be done on the basis of a mixture of practical and scientific activities and a variety of approaches.
The project has been launched in response to the impact of demographic change as one of the greatest challenges facing the European Union and a key element to promote economic and social inclusion within the EU. Statistical data shows that the number of elders aged 65-79 will increase throughout the European Union over the next 20 years whereas the number of younger people will decrease significantly.

HERMES Project
HERMES is an international collaboration between six organizations in six countries, aimed at providing cognitive care. The project is supported by the EU under Framework Programme 7.
Cognitive care is achieved through an assistive technology that combines the functional skills of the older person to reduce age-related decline of cognitive capabilities and assist the user where necessary. Based on intelligent audio and visual processing and reasoning, the project results in a combination of a home-based and mobile device to support the user‘s cognitive state and prevent cognitive decline.

EAGLE Project – European Approaches to Inter-Generational Lifelong Learning

EAGLE or ‘European Approaches to Inter-Generational Lifelong Learning’ builds upon different aspects existing in individual lives and in society at large and in learning across age groups and generations, especially in the light of an increasingly aging population, the substantial demographic changes caused hereby and of the constant need for re-qualification and re-generation within the concept of Lifelong Learning (LLL). EAGLE concentrates on the field of inter-generational as well as later life learning processes within the frameworks of formal and – of specific importance – non-formal, informal and autonomous learning.