WP1 – Project management
This set of activities comprises the organization and work planning, link monitoring and reporting within the partnership and outside it. Periodical trans-national meetings will take place, viagra along with a continuous communication based on online channels. A progress report is provided for the middle of the project lifetime (end of December) and a final report in 2012.
WP1 leader: Centre of Professional Training in Culture

WP2– Good practices on senior’s involvement in culture and education
All the partners are participating in the identification of cases that can be qualified as examples of good practices considering the involvement of seniors in education and culture, marking contexts where seniors were both learners and educators and acted as active citizens. The most relevant ones will be included in the main outputs, after being analyzed by partners. The results of this work package are published in the Good Practices section of the website.
WP2 leader: The Institute of Social Infrastructure

WP3– Seniors as trainers and trainees
After developing a training curriculum based on the materials identified in the cases of good practices, the partners will organize local training sessions with cultural professionals and senior people. The purpose of these training sessions is to help them develop skills for facilitating the seniors’ involvement in cultural and educational activities. In a further development, trained cultural professionals will realize educational activities with and for seniors.
WP3 leader: Integra Association

WP4 –Learning resources for cultural organizations
Using the results of WP2 and WP3 and consultations with stakeholders, the partners will elaborate a set of recommendations and a collection of learning resources for the involvement of seniors in education and for their cooperation with cultural organizations. This inventory includes the topics of adult education, community-building and active citizenship – relevant for cultural professionals, studies, methods, methodologies, training curricula, case studies and examples for seniors’ involvement. A presentation within the project will be sustained in two international events with stakeholders.
WP4 leader: Amitie

WP5 – Quality plan
The quality assurance process involves the collection and analysis of data from partners and target groups, presenting the conclusions to project partners and conducting the open quality review, the definition and implementation of QA measures in accordance with the conclusions of the quality review.
WP5 leader: Education and Youth Studies Institute Association

WP6 – Dissemination
The main instrument for communication and promotion is the ASLECT website, which will support a platform of communication, interaction and sharing for cultural professionals and seniors. Dissemination implies the presentation of ASLECT and its approach to all target groups, and a valorisation of stakeholders at a national level.
WP6 leader: Internationales Institut fur Managing Diversity