ASLECT – Active Seniors Learn, and Educate, Communicate and Transmit

Project number: 511842-LLP-2010-RO-KA4-KA4MP 
With the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.
ASLECT is a project funded under KA4 Valorisation sub-programme, which approaches the presence of senior people in cultural organizations, projecting on them a double perspective: as users/beneficiaries of educational and cultural programmes, and equally as learning resources for developing such programmes.

From the perspective of ASLECT, seniors are both (re)sources and beneficiaries of learning, while cultural organizations must strengthen their capacities to treat them as such, to support and promote their integration as active citizens in the local communities.
ASLECT will identify a series of Good Practices on Seniors’ Involvement in Education and in Cultural Life, will elaborate training materials aimed at helping cultural professionals to work with seniors, developing educational programmes with them and for them, will produce a set of Recommendations for Cultural Organisations working with Seniors and, through promotional activities at national and European levels, will raise awareness on the potential contribution of seniors to the educational and cultural field.
Our project is focused on the valorisation of results and experiences from Lifelong learning program.

 Implementation period: December 2010 – November 2012

1. to provide resources for strengthening the capacity of cultural and educational organizations, to offer an adult learning and communication environment favourable for specific groups like senior people;
2. to create opportunities for retired professionals to use their experience/ competencies and become adult educators for their peers and other interested groups;
3. to establish partnerships between the involved educational and cultural organizations and other cultural and social institutions for the sustainability of practice once the project is over.

Main outputs:

1. Good practice cases – examples of projects involving seniors and of educational materials addressing adult educators from the countries taking part in the project and from Europe.
2. A training curriculum and training materials for cultural professionals with topics such as: Seniors for seniors, Seniors and inter-generational learning, Seniors as transmitters of traditions, Seniors as idea advocates in the community.
3. Training sessions at a local level with cultural professionals and representatives of seniors’ organizations, followed by educational activities where seniors are given the roles of trainers and trainees.
4. An inventory of online learning resources on the topics of adult education, seniors, training, facilitation, community-building and active citizenship – relevant for cultural professionals.
5. A set of recommendations for cultural and educational organizations active at the community level, addressing the managers of cultural and educational organizations, researchers in the field of education, culture and society, decision-makers from public administration.
6. Two international seminars gathering cultural and educational professionals and researchers – one in Italy and one in Romania.

1. Senior people and organizations dedicated to them (public and private structures)
2. Professionals from cultural and educational organizations
3. Researchers and decision-makers from the fields of education, culture and social services.
Coordinator: Centre of Professional Training in Culture, RO -
Integra Association, BG -
Amitie, IT -
Education and Youth Studies Institute Association, TR -
Institute for Social Infrastructure, DE -
Internationales Institut fur Managing Diversity, AT