Good Practices on seniors’ involvement in education and culture

As a valorisation and dissemination project, price ASLECT focuses on existing practices and educational resources serving the purpose of strengthening the capacity of cultural and educational organisations to offer an adult learning and communication environment favourable particularly to senior citizens. What you’ll find below is a series of educational projects involving seniors that project partners considered to be relevant in accordance with 4 criteria: empowerment, purchase participation, impact and sustainability. Each of them and all together can be both information and inspiration (re)sources to cultural professionals, adult educators, seniors and representatives of seniors organisations.


Introduction – Seniors Empowerment and Participation

Methodological Approach

List of good practice cases

Seniors as Educators and Valorisation of Traditional Knowledge – Doing2Learn Project

Seniors, Personal Memories and Intergenerational Learning – HiStory Project

Making Policies for and with Seniors – From Isolation to Inclusion Project

Seniors and Local Community Life – SenEmpower Project

Senior Volunteers in Europe – SEVEN Project

Seniors as Guides to Local Community Life – Senior-Guides Project

Seniors as Mentors for Younger Co-Workers– SISC Project

A Better and Larger Presence of Seniors in European Cooperation Actions – AESAEC Project

Self-directed Learning in Later Age – PALADIN Project

Raising Awareness on Learning as a Key Factor in Active Ageing – SLIC Project

Educational Mentors for Young People – Hear Me Project

E-learning for Seniors – Else Project

Connecting the Cultural and Social Spheres of Services- CASPEV Project

Community Arts Projects and Seniors - 4th Age Project

Intercultural Creativity of Seniors - InCreaSe Project

Research team
M. Emin Bakay
Neva Dobreva
Adina Dragu
Dagmar Kommer
Nora Hengsbach
Güldan Kalem
Katarina Kunze
Aneta Moyanova
Roberto Righi
Ozana Ni?ulescu
Christoph Schlor
Vivian Guerrero Meneses